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Wholesale Orthoceras fossils Classroom Pack of 20


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"These orthoceras fossils are great for a variety of educational fossil activities like creating your own fossil dig. They also make inexpensive classroom gifts and party favors. Orthoceras is a commonly used name for straight shelled nautiloids. They are cephalopods, related to modern squid ans octopus. This fossil is from the Devonian period of the Paleozoic Era and is close to 400 million years old! The segmented body and the septa that separates each segment are clearly visible. The siphuncle is also visible. The siphuncle allowed the this predator to adjust its bouyancy and so control its depth in the water column. Orthoceras fossils are found all over the world.This specimen comes from near Erfoud, Morocco. Each specimen comes with an information card that describes the fossil and details the time period it comes from."

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