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Vanadinite Crystals

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Vanadinite is a rare member of the apatite family. This phosphate mineral is usually found as prismatic red crystals. Our specimens were found in Morocco.

Vanadinite is a natural occurring mineral made up of vanadium, chlorine, oxygen, and lead. Its chemical formula is  Pb5(VO4)3Cl.

This mineral is a minor source of lead and vanadium ore. Vanadinite forms where oxidation of lead occurs, especially in areas with an arid climate. It is a rare mineral that is usually found in small quantities. It gets its name because of its vanadium content.

Geologic Occurrence of Vanadinite

Vanadinite is a secondary mineral that forms on lead deposits in an oxidized zone. It is founded in oxygenated veins containing secondary and primary lead minerals. This mineral is typically associated with the oxidation of galena. The chlorine and vanadium are often leached from overburden by flowing water. It is found in Australia, Namibia, Argentina, Morocco and the Southwestern United States.

The Metaphysical Properties of Vanadinite

Vanadinite is used to relieve emotional states that are strongly established in the base chakras and solar plexus. It destabilizes the negativity associated with challenging experiences or memories, making you a powerful person. It also encourages individuals to express their ideas and energy easily. Vanadinite also helps in meditation to quiet the mind.

Mineral Properties of Vanadinite

Chemical formula: Lead Chlorovanadate Pb5(Vo4)3Cl
Color(s): Red, orange, brownish orange, yellow
Streak: brownish yellow
Luster: resinous
Transparency: Translucent, opaque
Crystal system: Prismatic
Specific Gravity: 6.8-7.1
Hardness (Mohs): 3-4
Cleavage: none
Fracture: uneven to conchoidal
Uses: A major lead ore, collectable
Australia, Namibia, Argentina, Morocco and the Southwestern United States.
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