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Trilobites of Morocco

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Morocco is known for it's abundance and variety of trilobite fossils. Most of the nicer Moroccan trilobites are from the Devonian Period and are found in the south eastern part of the country.

The afordable Calymine trilobites are from the Ordovician Period and are found in the anti Atlas area. There are also large trilobites from the Cambrian Period. The Devonian trilobites come from an area near Erfoud, Morroco. The Devonian layer is tilted almost vertically. It is about 2 feet wide and is exposed for miles.

The greatest diversity in Moroccan trilobites are those from the Devonian Period. They often come with a fantastic array of spines and take many hours of work to prepare by skilled craftsmen. Take a look at the photos below for just a taste of the trilobite possibilities that come out of Morocco. Also meet my friend Moustash, an incredible craftsman when it comes to trilobite preparation. It is rare to find real completete large Cambrian trilobites that come from Morocco. When you do see them they will come with a large price tag as well.

The Trilobite Timeline For Morocco

Paleozoic Era
Cambrian Period
Ordovician Period
Silurian Period
Devonian Period
Carboniferous Period
Permian Period
Some Trilobites
Many Trilobites

Moroccan Trilobite Gallery

Spiny Quadrops Trilobite
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