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Trilobite, Elrathia Kingii, With cheeks, Wheeler Shale


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Elrathia Kingii trilobite fossils are among the most well-known and plentiful Cambrian fossils. They can be found in high amounts in some layers of Utah's Wheeler shale. Because they are so plentiful, commercial quarries in Utah are dedicated to extracting trilobite fossils.

More about our Elrathia Kingii Trilobite fossils:

  • Come from Utah, Wheeler Shale in Millard County
  • Come complete with free cheeks or librigenae, which are rare.
  • About 1" long
A little about them, their body structure and mouth parts indicate that they scavenged the ocean floor and were particle feeders. Elrathia is found in zones below the oxygen level required by most species, in a zone known as the exareobic. his could explain why Elrathia is preserved in such large numbers, as low oxygen settings are more conducive to fossilization.

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