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Trilobite, Declivolithus titan


Species: Declivolithus
Size: 2 inches, Matrix 3x3 inches
Period: Ordovician Period
Age: 450 Million years
Location: Essimour, Alnif, Morocco
Price: $299.95

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This Declivolithus trilobite is just a bit less than 2 inches wide and sits on a matrix that is about 3 inches x 3 inches. This is an excellent specimen with great detail. Clearly visible are the cephalic pits that cover the head shield. The outer edge of the head shield is lined with small notches. No one knows the purpose of these structures.  Declivolithus trilobites are from the upper Ordovician Period. Trilobites were one of the first animals to develop vision back in the Cambrian Period but Declivolithus was a blind trilobite.  This specimen was found in Essimour, Alnif, Morocco. 

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