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The Wooden Cigar Box Fossil Collection 6pc O

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In the olden days (like the 1950s and '60s), before plastic boxes were the go-to for school supplies, Cigar Boxes were the coolest box for stowing your treasures. Whether the contents were pencils, erasers, and protractors, pretty rocks, baseball cards, or paper dolls, Cigar boxes were the perfect place to keep all your cherished items.  Plus they were free for the asking at most Five & Dime Stores. 

Alas! Times have changed. Today's true cigar boxes can be pretty fancy and a little more challenging to find. But they still make great boxes for collections. At fossilicious, we have started our Cigar Box Fossil Collections in memory of times gone by. Each of these collections is unique because cigar boxes now come in many shapes and sizes. The common thread is premium fossils in a beautiful box!

This set contains 6 of our most popular fossils: trilobite, ammonite, spinosaurus tooth, mosasaur tooth, orthoceras, and large horn coral all in a nice wooden box. 

6 premium fossils to delight the young paleontologist. 

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