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Stromatolite Fossils

stromatolite drawing
Stromatolite fossils for sale, Best prices! Beautifully Natural and cut slabs all showing the characteristic layers of these oldest fossils on earth. We have stromatolites from Bolivia, Morocco and Wyoming

They are finely layered creations of cyanobacteria that grew in shallow seas. Some of these fossils are as much as 3.5 billion years old. Once very abundant these bacteria were capable of turning sunshine directly into energy. They produced oxygen as a by product. Over time this changed the earth's atmosphere! Eventually setting the stage for oxygen breathing life forms like us. Stromatolites are very rare today. One known location is Sharks Bay in Australia.

We have included banded ironstone here even though it is not a stromatolite because the huge amounts of oxygen produced by the stromatolites was responsible for ironstone formation.

What is a Stromatolite?

Stromatolites are layered sedimentary rock formations created by cyanobacteria. The fossilized rock formations often take on a mushroom shape as they harden over billions of years. Learn more about Stromatolites.

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