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Starfish Fossil For Sale Q


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This starfish fossil Q is about 2.25 inches across on a matrix that is 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches. It is from the Ordovician Period and is about 450 million years old. It was found in Alnif, Morocco. The rusty color of the fossil isoxidized iron. Includes small stand. 

Starfish have been around for a very long time, since the early Ordovician Period. They are a member of the Order Echinodermata,which means spiny skin. This group has been thriving in the Earths oceans since the Cambrian Period. It is the largest marine phylum. Other members of this group are seaurchins, sand dollars, crinoids, blastoids, and sea cucumbers. Some major traits all of these animals in common are: a five part radial symetry,  and a water based vascular system. Starfish fossils are fairly rare as fossils go. Morocco is one of few places on earth where they can be found.
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