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Spinosaurus Tooth F


Species: Spinosaurus
Size: 1.75 inch
Period: Cretaceous Period
Age: 90-100 million years
Location:Kem Kem, Morocco
Price: $27.95

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This Spinosaurus Tooth is 1.75 inches long. Everyone loves dinosaur teeth. It’s like they were made to impress us. Our spinosaur teeth make the perfect gift for that budding paleontologist or the adult with a zeal for natural history. It comes from the Kem Kemfossil beds in southern Morocco. Spinosaurus lived during the Cretaceous Period. It was a very large carniverous dinosaur. Found only in the North African countries of Egypt and Morocco, Spinosaurus was the only aquatic dinosaur paleontologists know of. During the Cretaceous Period North Africa had lakes, rivers, and swampy areas where spinosaurus ate mostly fish. Spinsaur teeth are common but very few bones have been found from this dinosaur. One reason for this is that spinosaurus lost and replaced teeth throughout its life. All of the spinosaurus teeth for sale on fossilicious are authentic spinosaurus teeth. We do not sell replicas.

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