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Spinosaurus Tooth 6.5 inches J


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This giant Spinosaurus Tooth is over 6” in length and makes the perfect gift or addition to that growing fossil teeth collection. It has some repair and restoration. The root of the tooth has been added on to.

  • Size:  6.5” long
  • Condition: Has some restoration and repair
  • Period: Cretaceous
  • Species: Spinosaurus
  • Location: Kem Kem, Morocco

About Spinosaurus

Spinosaurus was one of the largest of the theropod dinosaurs measuring as much as 56 feet long. It could weigh as much as 9 tons, (18,000 pounds). Theopods walked on two legs, had 3 toes on their hind feet, and had lizard hips, (saurischian). They fed primarily on fish and their teeth fell out regularly throughout their lifetime.

At any given time there were both large and small teeth present in its jaw. The largest teeth were over 5 inches long! This size is rare however. More commonly, 1, 2 or 3" teeth are found. Complete unrepaired teeth are very rare because of the fragile nature of the fossil teeth.

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