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5" Spinosaurus Tooth L Kem Kem Morocco


Step into the past with our 5-inch Spinosaurus Tooth, a remarkable relic from the Cretaceous period. Sourced from the rich fossil beds of Kem Kem, Morocco, this piece is a testament to one of the most formidable carnivores ever to have lived.

  • Size: 5" long
  • Origin: Kem Kem Beds, Morocco
  • Period: Cretaceous
  • Condition: Partial restoration, including some repair to the tooth root
Price: $239.95

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This Spinosaurus tooth exemplifies not just the grandeur of ancient life forms, but also the continual evolution in our understanding of these magnificent creatures. Perfect for collectors and educational displays, this fossil offers a tangible connection to the distant past, providing insight into the complex ecosystem of the Cretaceous period. Whether used as a teaching tool or a centerpiece in a collection, it brings a piece of natural history into the modern day.

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