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Spinosaurus Teeth Buyers Guide

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Looking for spinosaurus teeth?

Spinosaurus Teeth
Spinosaurus had a long snout. Its jaws were full of long sharply pointed teeth. Unlike the T-rex, spinosaur teeth are not serrated but smooth and round along the length. Because the upper and lower teeth interlock much like a crocodile some researchers believe that spinosaurs ate fish. It is believed that spinosaurs could continually replace teeth as they wore out or broke off.

A Quick Guide to Buying Spinosaurus Teeth
Spinosaur teeth are a great value for the collectors of dinosaur teeth. This is especially true for carnosaurs. I saw a 2 inch T-rex tooth for sale today at $3,995.

spinosaurus teeth small

Carcharodontosaurus teeth start at around $95 for a fair quality 1 inch tooth. Nice 2 – 3 inch teeth go for $200 to $400 and higher.

By contrast a perfect 3 inch spinosaurus tooth with no repairs may sell for $200 to $400 or more. These are somewhat rare because spinosaur teeth are fragile and often break during excavation. Good quality 3 inch teeth can be found for under $100 (with some repair). Good quality 1 – 2 inch teeth can be found from $10 to $60. With the smaller teeth more money does not necessarily mean better teeth. Shop around. Look at the pictures and read the descriptions. You are comparing size, completeness, and the condition of the enamel.

nice spinosaurus tooth

With any dinosaur tooth repairs bring the price way down.

  • These repairs can include simply gluing a broken tooth. This is very common and when done well is difficult to see.

  • Another common repair is filling in cracks, gaps, and missing sections with epoxy. If you put a tooth with this kind of repair in water the epoxy shows up because it does not absorb water the way that fossil material does.

  • some teeth are filled and then painted. At first glance these teeth appear to be high quality with enamel in great condition. Unfortunately these teeth are worth less than a tooth in its natural state even with a broken tip or chipped enamel.
spinosaurus tooth

Having said all of that teeth with some repair may be the best value if:

  • You are on a tight budget.

  • You are not planning to resell as an investment.

  • You are giving a gift as an educational inspiration.

For those whose collection needs to stay within a budget carefully repaired teeth might be the answer. Well done repairs are almost invisible and repaired teeth are less expensive usually by far.

You may also find that an impressive 2 + inch spinosaurus tooth with a worn tip or chipped enamel can be found for $15 to $30.

spinosaurus tooth

We also have larger teeth, 3 and sometimes 4 inch teeth that run $25 to $60 depending on quality. Premium teeth over 3 inches with no repairs are usually several hundred dollars. These are hard to come by and are seldom seen for sale. For the serious collector contact us with your requirements. We sometimes find premium teeth but they don’t usually stay around long enough to get on the website.

We have a variety of sizes and quality of teeth to choose from. Follow this link: Buy spinosaurus teeth

Be patient if you shop around a little you may get more tooth than you expected.

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