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Selenite Crystals

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We have clear selenite crystal specimens, sand filled hourglass selenite and desert rose, and some frosted selenite hearts and wands.
Selenite is a very common sedimentary mineral. It is a sulfate mineral with the chemical formula Hydrated Calcium Sulfate or CaSo42H2,O. It is a form of gypsum and is created by the evaporation of salt water.

Selenite at its best is clear and colorless. It can be translucent or transparent and is very soft. It is easy to split selenite into thin sheets.

It is used in the construction industry for making plaster and drywall.

Metaphysical Properties of Selenite
Selenite has been valued as a healing crystal for centuries in many cultures around the world. It is said to bring calm and peace, and cleanse negative energies from the spirit and body. It promotes clear thinking and helps establish connection both to your own intution and to others.

Mineral Properties of Selenite

Chemical formula: Calcium Sulfate dehydrate CaSo42H20
Color(s): colorless, white
Streak: white
Luster: Pearly
Transparency: transparent to translucent
Crystal system: Monoclinic
Specific Gravity: 2.9
Hardness (Mohs): 2
Cleavage: Perfect
Fracture: fibrous
Uses: Plaster, Drywall
Location: Selenite has widespread occurrence. It is found all over the world.
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