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Rock and Mineral Collection, 60 specimens with Complete Rock and Mineral Curriculum


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"Rock and Mineral Collection, 60 specimens with Complete Rock and Mineral Curriculum" This collection of 60 rock and mineral specimens along with a complete rock and mineral curriculum is the mother lode for the study of Rocks and Minerals. The set contains two each of 30 different specimens: doubles of 5 igneous, 5 metamorphic, 5 sedimentary and 15 minerals. One specimen of each type is labeled while the other is not. This allows the study of characteristics in details through matching, gradation and comparison activities. The e-book is a comprehensive course containing lessons and activities that can be shared with children from the ages of 3 or 4 through middle and even beginning earth science studies at the high school level. In addition to activities with the rocks and minerals, the e-book curriculum contains lesson plans for plate tectonics, weathering and basic earth science concepts foundational to the study of rocks and minerals. The e-book contains more than 50 lesson plans as well as the lab sheets, charts, graphs and shelf-ready materials so students can master the concepts with hands-on exercises. The lessons are organized so the teacher can choose to focus on a single concept for a short period of time or make a year-long study using all the lessons. This collection is everything the general science, earth science or home school teacher will need to introduce and study the amazing world of rocks and minerals.

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