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Raptor Teeth

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Who doesn't love raptors!? Our fossilized raptor teeth for sale come in a few different sizes. As you can see in a few of the teeth below, raptor teeth are serrated like steak knives. This came in handy for cutting meat. Surprisingly, their teeth were not designed as killing tools  but were used for devouring their prey once caught, by cutting off bite-sized pieces.

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These teeth are nearly always identified as raptor teeth. However there is a lack of clarity around their true owner is because few specimens, especially skulls, of these theropod dinosaurs have been found. To complicate the issue, another small theropod, the Abelisaur, has been found in the same region. Again not much is known about this dinosaur other than from the few teeth that have been found. The teeth of these two dinosaurs are very similar.

That is why they lack clear identification. There has not yet been enough fossil material found to give a scientific description of either dinosaur, so they bear no species name. These particular unidentified raptor teeth are from the Kem Kem fossil beds near Taouz, Morocco. Kem Kem produces a variety of Cretaceous fossils. In addition to these raptor dinosaur specimens, teeth from the spinosaurus dinosaur, various fish, and a few types of reptiles are found in this region. 

Raptors were theropods that belonged to the group called dromaeosaurids. Also in this group is Velociraptor, a species made famous by the Jurassic Park movie. However, velociraptor was misrepresented in the movie. They were actually much smaller than depicted in the popular film. Real theropods were about the size of a turkey. Deinonychus was the model for the dinosaur used in the movie. Michael Crichton, the author of the book on which the movie is based, thought that velociraptor was a more dramatic name. At about 23 feet in length, Utah Raptor is the largest of the raptors. Several specimens have been found... in Utah, of course. All of the raptors were quick and agile hunters. They were feathered carnivores. They had long stiff tails that helped them to balance when running. Raptors had a large claw on each hind foot that was probably for attacking its prey.

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