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Raptor Teeth

These raptor teeth are from the large African raptor, Deltadromeus, which means delta runner and may have been as large as 26 feet in length. As you can see in a few of the teeth below, raptor teeth are serrated like steak knives which come in handy for cutting meat. Raptor teeth were not designed as killing tools like a T-Rex for instance but instead for devouring their prey, cutting off bite sized peices!

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Raptor Tooth C
Raptor Tooth F
Raptor Tooth H
Raptor Tooth I
Raptor Tooth J
Raptor Tooth N
Raptor Tooth O
Raptors were theropods that belonged to the group called dromaeosaurids. Also in this group  is Velociraptor, made famous by the Jurassic Park movie. Velociraptor was however misrepresented by the movie. They were actually much smaller, (about turkey sized), than depicted in the popular film. All of the raptors were quick and agile hunters. They were feathered carnivores. They had long stiff tails that helped them to balance when running. Raptors had a large claw on each hind foot that was probably for attacking its prey.

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