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Pterosaur Teeth

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 pterosaur drawing
These pterosaur teeth come from near Taouz in the Kem Kem area of Morocco. They are from the Cretaceous Period and are about 100 million years old. Our smaller teeth are from Siroccopteryx moroccensis. This is the only species that has been described from Morocco. This is not without some controversy though. This species was first described in 1999 by Bryn Mader and Alexander Kellner. It was placed in the Anhangueridae family. In 2001 David Unwinput forth the idea that it was instead a species of Coloborhynchus and so was a member of the Ornithocheiridae.

In any case it was a large predator with a wingspan of as much as 20 feet! It probably ate fish and other marine creatures it could get a hold of.

Pterosaurs were flying reptiles. The first pterosaurs in the fossil record were from the Late Triassic Period. They ruled the skies until the end of the Cretaceous Period when a mass extinction wiped them out along with the dinosaurs and thousands of other species. Pterosaurs were the first vertabrates to achieve powered flight.

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