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Plesiosaursus Tooth 22


Size: 2 inches
Period: Cretaceous Period
Age: 100 Million years

Species: Plesiosaurus
Location:Near Khourigba, Morocco
Price: $36.95

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This Plesiosaurus Tooth #22 is about 2 inches long. It is from the Cretaceous Period and was found near Kem Kem, Morocco.

Plesiosaurs were a group of marine reptiles that lived during the Mesozoic Era. They were most common during the Jurassic Period. As a group they were among the largest marine predators ever to swim the oceans. Plesiosaurs had 2 pairs of paddle like flippers that they used to swim. They had broad backs and short tails.

There are 2 suborders of Plesiosaurs:
Plesiosauroidea were long necked while Pliosauroidea had short necks.

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