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Plant Fossils

 carboniferous forest drawing
We have lots of Plant fossils for sale at From very common petrified wood specimens, to harder to come by fern fossils from Pennsylvania, you are bound to find something here in your price range.

As an overview… The Pennsylvania fern fossils are about 300 million years old they are from a time when a great many coal deposits formed around the world. The matrix of these fossils is Coal shale. They are found in school kill county Pennsylvania. They often have a white coating called pro for light we also have from fossils from Mazon Creek, Illinois Mazon Creek fossils are famous for the quality of fossils found there. These are from the Pennsylvanian Epoch of the Carboniferous Period and are about 300 million years old. They are found in Francis Creek Shale in the Carbondale Formation.

we also have fossils from the Green River formation Also known for high quality fossils. They are about 50 million years old from the Eocene Eroch of the Cenozoic Era.

We have leave fossils from the Fort Union formation from Glendive Montana. They are between 54 and sixty-five million years old, Eocene Epoch. Also from Montana we have metasequoia fossils for the muddy Creek formation beaver head County Montana they are about 30 million years old. Known also as the Dawn Redwood they are from the Oligocene Epoch.

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Plant fossils are less common than animal fossils. Leaves and other plant parts break down quickly under normal conditions and so rarely fossilize. They can be preserved if they are quickly buried in the sediment of a lake or pond. So to find good plant fossils requires Goldielocks conditions.

Petrified wood on the other hand is pretty common and found in many locations throughout North America and the world.It takes a long time for wood to break down. If it takes a few years to be buried it will still fossilize.

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