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Nephrite Jade

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Nephrite Jade is a calcium magnesium silicate mineral. The jade we sell is from Wyoming and is considered amoung the finest nephrite in the world! It comes in many colors from almost white to almost black, though commonly it is shades of green. It is very dense
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Jade has a long history with mankind. Because it is dense, hard and fiberous it is very durable. Stone age tool makers used jade for many thousands of years for knives, spear points, axes and other tools that required sharp edges. Because jade will take a high degree of polish it became popular for ornmental objects as well.

Mineral Properties of Nephrite Jade

Chemical formula: Crocidolite Na 2 Fe 1 Fe<sub.2< [(OH,F)Si 4 O 11 ] 2
Color(s): green, white black, yellow, gray
Streak: colorless
Luster:  vitreous, greasy
Transparency: translucent to opaque
Crystal system: monoclinic
Specific Gravity: 3
Hardness (Mohs): 6-6.5
Cleavage: None
Fracture: splintery
Uses: ornamental objects, jewelry, mineral specimens
Location: Wyoming, China, Canada
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