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Miniature Prehistoric Environment Guide and Resources


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The Miniature Prehistoric Environment is a delightful twist on the Montessori Farm. Each set of figures aligns with a geologic era and there are two sets per era to help match any budget. Purchase 1, 2 or all 8!

Take your students' mini environment experience to the next level! The Miniature Environment Guide & Resources E-book is a MUST! Here's what you'll find inside this complete resource for immplementing the Mini Environment in your home or classroom:

  • Grammar Cards (just like the Montessori Grammar Boxes) Blend your child's study of the Cosmic Curriculum with Grammar and Composition!

  • Name and Time Period Labels for every figurine in the entire collection...ALL 8 SETS! You only need to purchase the e-book ONCE!

  • Scenery in black and white for your students to create their own backdrop for the stories they will create.

  • Teacher Guides to help you get started right away!

The Miniature Environment Guide & Resources E-book comes to you as a one-time downloadable e-book which you save to your computer. Print what you need when you need it! No bulky album to take up space on your book shelf!

Don't waste a moment getting these materials into your students' hands!

Buy yours TODAY !

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