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Madagascar Ammonites Split Pairs

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ammonite These Madagascar Ammonites have been split and polished to show off the structure and beauty of the fossils.  When cut in half and polished like this the septa, chambers, and siphuncle can be seen. These are not fossils to be put in a box or drawer. The exceptional beauty begs to be put on display.

Ammonites were cepalopods and are related to modern sqiid and octopus. They had a spiral shell and were capable of moving through the water column "swimming" horizontally and and moving up or down by adjusting their boyancy. All ammonites were predators. There were many species of ammonites. They lived from the mid Paleozoic era through the entire mesozoic finally going extinct with the dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous Period. Madagascar produces some of the most beautiful ammonite fossils in the world with chambers filled with agate or sometimes empty and lined with crystals!"
Ammonites are used by paleontologists as "index fossils". There were so many species of ammonites and as a group they  lived over 175 million years of the fossil record that it is possible to date a rock strata by the species of ammonite that is found there. Ammonites were predators but they were also prey. Ammonite shells have been found with bite marks from mosasaurs.
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