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Heteromorph Ammonites

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Delve into the world of paleontology with our Heteromorph Ammonites collection, featuring fossils that deviate from the common spiral. These unique specimens, coiling in irregular and sometimes multiple planes, offer a glimpse into the diverse forms of life from the Cretaceous Period.

Explore the Variety of Heteromorph Ammonite Fossils

  • Unique Shapes: Unlike the common spiral, these ammonites exhibit whimsical and irregular coiling.
  • Cretaceous Period Origins: Each piece tells a story of life millions of years ago.
  • Collector's Gem: Perfect for enthusiasts who appreciate oddities in nature.

These heteromorph ammonites are not just fossils; they are pieces of natural art sculpted by evolutionary processes. Ideal for collectors and educational purposes, they serve as a fascinating window into the marine ecosystems of the past. Add a piece of ancient oceanic history to your collection and enjoy the intrigue that comes with these peculiar formations.

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