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Fossil collecting is a way to connect with the past. There's something mysterious and powerful about holding a 400-million-year-old creature in the palm of your hand. At Fossilicious, you'll find a huge selection of fossils for sale. We specialize in educational fossils and carry the biggest variety of species featuring specimens from every era and every period of geologic time. Ours make great gifts for kids, adults and collectors alike. 

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Authentic Fossils for Sale Online

Fossilicious has a huge selection of quality fossil specimens and learning material for sale. If you are interested in finding out about the different fossil categories, we put together a quick overview or check out our low prices on authentic specimens. 

What is a Fossil?

The short answer is a fossil is the remains or evidence of any creature or plant that once lived on the Earth. There are of course some finer points to this definition. There are basically two types.

Type I is the remains of the dead animal or plant or the imprint left from the remains. This could be bones, teeth, hair, the hardened shell or exoskeleton of an animal, or the impressions of any of these things.

Type II are something that was made by an animal while it was living that has hardened into stone. These are called trace fossils. Type II can be footprints, burrows, or coprolite (animal poop).

Vertebrate Fossils

Biologists classify all animals into 2 groups vertebrates and invertebrates. Vertebrates are animals with backbones. Vertebrate specimens are any type I fossil made by a fish, amphibian, reptile, bird, or mammal and we have a great selection of these for sale.

Invertebrate Fossils

So there are lots more animals that do not have backbones. Specimens of any of these animals are called invertebrate. Some examples of fossilized invertebrates for sale you can find are snails, clams, jellyfish, coral, trilobites, and ammonites.

For proof just give one to any child between the ages of 5 and 12 and watch their eyes light up. Older kids, like me at 58, still have the same reaction.

You Can Buy Fossils for Sale here individually, in one of our many Collections, or in our Classroom Packs.

How Much Do They Sell For?

They come in every price range, from a couple of dollars to many thousands or even millions of dollars. At Fossilicious we specialize in affordable specimens. We also have sets of Children's Fossil Books that are available with or without matching specimens. If you are looking to expand your collection, give a unique gift, or inspire a child, you'll find a fossil here that fits the bill at a price you can afford. We only sell authentic specimens and we have a Money Back Guarantee. You can also view our fossil buying guide!

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