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Fossils For Kids

Our fossils for kids page has items selected especially to delight the young paleontologist in your life! 

Kids LOVE dinosaurs! Which is a great lead-in to fossils for kids! Fossils are the reason we know about those giant ancient beasts. For kids, the bigger, more ferocious the dinosaur the better!

A great starter-fossil for dinosaur-loving kids is a real Spinosaurus tooth. Spinosaurus is believed to be  one of the biggest and most ferocious of them all, even more than the T-Rex! You can find more info about these guys here:

Getting kids hooked on fossils and fossil collecting has incredible benefits for their young lives. First of all, kids between the ages of 5 or 6 and about 12, literally want to know something about nearly everything. Holding a REAL fossil of a creature that lived 70 or 80 or 450 million years ago can really light them up! Their imaginations, which are far bigger than their little bodies would suggest, will take them backwards in time to an ancient scene that they will want to know everything about: the climate, the plants, the animals, the shape of the continents….truly, there are endless possibilities for learning and creating stories.

If you’re the parent of one of these budding geniuses, you’ll also be happy to know that collecting objects does a whole lot more than learning about the particular object itself. The skills of classifying, searching for, and organizing groups of similar things-like fossils-leads a child’s brain to develop some really important higher-level thinking skills that will help in future learning. Want to know more about this? This little article goes into some of the reasons why collections are important to continue throughout childhood and maybe even into adulthood.

Which brings me to another, although probably not the last, good reason to get a kid hooked on fossils at an early age. You may just be inspiring this little person in a lifetime of ancient creature enjoyment. In our line of work, we talk to adults nearly every day who say they started loving fossils and rocks when they were 5 or 6, only to continue collecting well into their 30’s or 50’s or beyond.

Fossils are wonderful gifts to share with kids. And an added bonus for you? You’ll be loved forever for introducing them to the magic and wonder of the ancient world.  
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