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Gastropod- Eocene Snails: Stone City formation; Brazos County, TX


This ancient fossilized gastropod is related to living gastropods of today like snails. It lived during the Cretaceous Period. When they died sediments filled up the empty shells and the sediments eventually turning to stone. The shells gradually dissolved leaving the stone molded to the shape of the inside of the shell. It was found in Morocco.


Turritella plebian - Fossil Gastropod from the Neogene Period; Miocene Epoch. It is about 8 million years in age. It was found in the St. Mary’s Formation; Calvert county, MD.

Olivella (sp.)

Olivella (sp.) Fossil Gastropod From the Quaternary Period; Holocene Epoch. It was found in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.


Platyostoma was a gastropod From the Silurian Period. It was found in Indiana.


Elimia was a freshwater gastropod From the Eocene Epoch: Paleogene Period of the Cenozoic Era, and is about 45 million years old. The fossils are layered in a matrix of agatized coquinite. It was found in Wyoming. This fossil has been mistakenly called turritella which it resembles.

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