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Fossil Collections-Now What?

Now that you have some fossils what can you do with them??

Putting you fossil collection together

What else can I do?

a list of activities

What fossil is this?

Visual Fossil Identification

Who am I?

A fossil guessing game

I like coloring!

Downloadable fossil and dinosaur coloring pages

Its about time

When did your fossil live?

Fossil Crossword and wordsearch Puzzels

Downloadable fossil and dinosaur crossword and wordsearch puzzels

Geologic Time Crossword and Wordsearch Puzzels

Geologic Time Crossword and word search Puzzels

What was it like when...?

A look at the earth through time

Where in the world?

Our changing continents

Who's yo mama?

How do scientists classify living things

Its all relative

a quick look at who is related to whom

How do they know that?

Who found it first?

a quick look at the history of palentology

Wait, there were fossil wars??

Mine's Bigger!

some fossil extremes

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Fossil Pie

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