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Fossil Collection 24 specimens With Display Box


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This 24-specimen fossil collection comes in a professional jewelry display case and contains one fossil from every geologic period except the Permian Period. We have also tried to represent as many phyla as possible and still make it an affordable collection.

It contains the following fossils: orthoceras, horn coral, criniod stem, gastropod, ammonite, brachiopod, fossil wood, shark tooth, dino bone, fossil algae, turritella, Miocene coral, sea urchin, dinosaur coprolite, a bryozoan, a pelecypod, archimedes bryozoan, stromatolite, trilobite, amber, fossil sponge, a small spinosaurus tooth, and a mosasaur tooth.

Each specimen is enclosed in a separate package with its own information card and there's also a time line inside the lid. The fossils contained in this collection are of good size and show plenty of detail making it a perfect start for the young paleontologist.

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