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Fluorite Crystals

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Fluorite Crystals for sale. We have some large and showy display pieces as well as smaller octahedrals and educational grade fluorite crystals. From time to time we have some spactacular multicolored specimens.
Cubic Fluorite Crystals EE
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Cubic Fluorite Crystals C Morocco
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Cubic Fluorite Crystals #14 Mexico
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Cubic Fluorite Crystals #1 Mexico
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Fluorite Crystal Facts

Fluorite is a halide mineral composed of calcium fluorine, CaF2. It is most ofter found in hydrothernal vein deposits. This soft mineral is the representative for #4 on the mohs hardness scale. It is usually colorless but can be blue, violet, green, or yellow. Sometimes several colors are present in the same rock creating a striking effect. We have some green and purple fluorite crystals like this. The many colors and crystal forms of fluorite make it a favorite for rock and mineral collections.

Fluorite is a common mineral found throughout the world. The largest deposits in the U.S. occur in S. Illinois and Western Kentucky.

A Brief History of Fluorite

Fluorite gets its name from the Latin word fluere, which means to flow. The original name of this mineral was fluorspar. Currently, the term fluorite is used mineralogically, while the term fluorspar is used to refer to the commodity when it is used chemically or industrially. 

The first recorded reference to this fluorite was in 1530, when it was used in the production of flux. The mineral acts as a flux between metals.

The Egyptians used this versital mineral to make statues and scarabs. The Romans used it for decoration purposes and the Chinese used it to make highly decorated vessels.

Fluorite Crystal Forms

Fluorite forms crystals in the isometric system. Cubic crystals are perhalps the most common, though the 8 sided octahedral crystals are also common. On rare occasions phantom crystals can be seen. This happens when a fluorite crystal of a different color is visible within the host crystal. Very cool!

Uses for Fluorite

It is easily worked an often cut and polished into decorative objects. Fluorite also has many industrial uses in chemical, metallurgical and ceramic processes.. It is used in making steel. It helps the molten steel flow more easily and removes impurities like phosphorus and sulfur. It also has some excellent optical qualities that find use in telescopes.

Metaphysical Properties of Fluorite

Fluorite helps with positivity, a sense of peace and generally good vibrations. It helps clear the heart and mind of negative energy Using this stone sets your spirit free and sets you up for success and gives you the energy to live out your dreams.

To harness the power of this crystal, use it during meditation to help you connect to higher powers. Embrace all this stone has to offer and fill your life with positive energy and peace.

Mineral Properties of Fluorite

Chemical formula: CaF 2 calcium fluoride
Color(s): colorless, blue, purple, green, yellow, brown
Streak: white
Luster: vitreous, glassy
Transparency: transparent to translucent
Crystal system: isometric
Specific Gravity: 3.1
Hardness (Mohs): 4
Cleavage: perfect in four directions
Fracture: irregular
Uses: used as a flux in steel making, optical lenses, and mineral specimens
Location: England; Spain; China; Brazil; Morocco; Ontario, Canada; Mexico, and Germany. In the U.S. it is found in Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Colorado.

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