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Fish Fossils

Fish fossils are somewhat rare especially when you consider that fish are the oldest and most diverse of all vertebrate animals. Because of their fragile, delicate bodies and limited bone structure, fish needed special conditions for fossilization to occur. Except for shark teeth, which are the nearly indestructible remains of the cartilaginous species, fish fossils are less often found and available for collection.

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The Green River formation of southern Utah and southwestern Wyoming, however, is an Eocene formation that contains fossilized fish, along with rays and numerous plant fossils. At, we have many beautiful examples of these delicate fossil remains in a variety of price-ranges to suit your budget.

Dastilbe and Knightia Fish Fossils

The Dastilbe fish are from the Lower Cretaceous period, approximately 120 million years ago. They are from the Santana Formation near Ceara, Brazil.

The Knightia are an extinct species from the Eocene Epoch about 50 million years ago. They were found in the Green River Formation, Wyoming.

The Knightia fish fossils come from Southwest Wyoming near Kemmerer. They are from the Eocene Epoch of the Cenozoic Era, and are about 50 million years old. At that time Wyoming was in a tropical setting with several very large lakes.

Many fossils have been found in the Green River Formation from that time, including fish, mammals, plants, birds, crocodiles, insects, and other kinds of animals.

It was a time of high volcanic activity. The ash from these volcanoes are the reason for both mass mortalities and the preservation of fossils. The volcanoes spewed huge amounts of volcanic ash into the sky. As it settled back to earth it poisoned the lakes killing many animals at once. The animals fell to the bottom of the lake and were covered by the ash. The fine grain of of the settlements made for excellent preservation.

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