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Educational Materials

The Educational Materials presented here focus on earth science, geology, and the study of deep time. Young paleontologists, geologists as well as teachers will find something of interest.

This satisfied customer says it all!
"We could not have done such a good job without your wonderfully written books that both sparked their imagination and gave fuel to the spark. Claudia and Doug- We completed our science fair class project last week: a 6 foot Paleozoic diorama by period. Other than the water and sky it was totally created by teams of lower el students. What a blast! And it absolutely wowed everyone. They were all so proud and knowledgable. We could not have done such a good job without your wonderfully written fossil books for children that both sparked their imagination and gave fuel to the spark."
Thanks loads,
Barbara C-M, Seattle, WA

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As Montessori elementary teachers, we spent years developing stories and command cards to help our young students do independent research in Cosmic Education. The end result of our passion for Cosmic Education and earth science studies can all be found on this page!

Research Materials Designed for Young Students!
Complete Curriculum for Teachers and Home School Parents

Students love our simply written and illustrated booklets that tell the story of the earth from the Big Bang to the present. Fossil stories and real fossils add to the students' investigation of the Time Line of Life. Packaged in a variety of ways to meet individual and classroom needs, children will thank the adults who provide these materials for their learning.

Young children begin their love for the earth with an early interest in rocks! Adults will want to capitalize on this interest with our complete curricula that can be used for years with children of all ages. How complete? Our curricula contain the lessons, info for the teacher, charts, photos, graphs, and shelf-materials to support every lesson. There's nothing more fun for the children than our geologic lessons that use baking project to illustrate concepts!
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