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Doug Mann

Doug and Claudia at the beach

Doug Mann, the inspiration behind Fossilicious, is a retired Montessori teacher. His natural interest in Earth Science and gardening came along long before Montessori, but once he began teaching the younger elementary program, his students’ interest in Earth history blossomed.

When he presented the Montessori history stories that begin with the Big Bang and continue into the Time Line of Life from the microscopic beginning to the giant dinosaurs, his students were filled with questions. Unfortunately, their research efforts were quickly squashed by their limited reading ability. Doug set about writing little stories in words the young students could read (mostly!) and sentences they could understand. This is how the Paleontology for Kids books came to be.

After a few field trips to the worlds largest fossil show in Tucson, he thought, “Why not put together fossil collection kits that go with the timeline?” There was no good reason…so he did!

With these two products, Fossilicious was born. Doug hopes that you’ll find worlds to explore through the offerings on Fossilicious and that, above all else, you’ll grow to love, respect, and care for our planetary home.

Doug and Claudia at the Paris Museum of Natural History
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