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Dinosaur Coprolite

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Our dinosaur coprolite is awesome! From beautifully polished pieces to big lumpy pies, we have the real dino poop.

dinosaur poop

Some of our bigger pieces have been cut for a flat base that shows the beauty of this agatized poop. This dinosaur poop is from the Jurassic Period and was found in Southern Utah.

Dinosaur Coprolite is the fossilized excretion of ancient animals or poop turned to stone. This coprolite is from the droppings of dinosaurs. Coprolite gives scientists information about what the dinosaurs ate. If bone fragments are present it is a good bet that the coprolite is from a carnivore. If plant parts are found it is likely that the coprolite is from an herbivore. Usually a powerful microscope is needed to identify these undigested bits.

The name coprolite comes from the Greek words kopros, meaning "dung" and lithos, meaning "stone".

This coprolite is from the Jurassic Period and is more than 150 million years old. It was found in the Morrison formation in South Eastern Utah. It is agatized and in many colors, black, white, reds ,greens, and grays. The type of dinosaur it comes from is unknown but probably represents many species both herbivore and carnivore.

Dinosaur coprolite is used in making jewelry because of its natural beauty. It makes a great gift idea when looking for something educational or out of the ordinary.

Learn more fun facts about fossilized poop.
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