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Dinosaur Bones

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Our Fossil Dinosaur is from the Jurassic Period. Most of it comes from the Morrison Formation in Southern Utah. We also have some some polished nuggets from Morocco.
Dinosaur Bone 20 Piece Classroom pack
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Dinosaur Joint
Triceratops Tail vertebra bone
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Dinosaur Bone A
Dinosaur Bone B
Dinosaur Bone C
Dinosaur Bone D
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Dinosaur Bone E
Dinosaur Bone F
Dinosaur Bone G
Dinosaur Bone H
Dinosaur Bone I
Dinosaur Bone J
Dinosaur Bone K
Dinosaur Bone L
Dinosaur Bone M 3x2 inches
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Dinosaur Bone O 3.5x3.5 inches
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Dinosaur Bone P
Dinosaur Bone Q
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dinosaur bones Fossil Dinosaur Bone is easily distinguished from other rocks. The cell structure of the bone is usually visible. This shows up as a honeycomb of holes. Some dinosaur bone is used in making jewelry. It takes a high polish and the patterns of the cell structure add to the beauty of the stone. Dinosaurs or lived during the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods of the Mesozoic era. Some Dinosaurs were carnivorous (meat eaters) and Some were herbivorous (plant eaters). Scientists divide dinosaurs into two groups: Saurischia (reptile hipped) and Ornithischia (bird hipped). Some dinosaurs had feathers. Most paleontologists believe that dinosaurs were the ancestors of today's birds. This bone is from the Jurassic Period.

How Much is a Dinosaur Bone Worth?

The value of dinosaur bones can vary greatly depending on several factors. Rarity, size, completeness, scientific importance, and condition all play a role in determining their worth. Highly sought-after specimens with exceptional preservation and significant scientific significance can fetch millions of dollars at auctions or private sales. However, the majority of dinosaur bones available on the market are replicas or fragments that are more affordable for enthusiasts and collectors. Ultimately, the value of dinosaur bones is subjective and depends on factors such as authenticity, quality, and the market demand at any given time.

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