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Complete Earth Science Curriculum E-book


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Complete Earth Science Curriculum E book: Get to Know Rocks and Minerals Whether you already have sets of rocks or minerals and need specific activities and lessons to make good use of them or if you are looking for a complete curriculum for the study of basic earth science, this e-book is for you! The comprehensive course contains lessons and activities that can be shared with children from the ages of 3 or 4 through middle and even beginning earth science studies at the high school level. In addition to activities with the rocks and minerals, the e-book curriculum contains lesson plans for plate tectonics, weathering and basic earth science concepts foundational to the study of rocks and minerals. The e-book contains more than 50 lesson plans as well as the lab sheets, charts, graphs and shelf-ready materials so students can master the concepts with hands-on exercises. The lessons are organized so the teacher can choose to focus on a single concept for a short period of time or make a year-long study using all the lessons. This book is perfect support for the general science, earth science or home school teacher.
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