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Clock of Eras: Creative Connections to Science and Art E-Book


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Clock of Eras: Creative Connections to Science and Art -an ebook containing references and examples of Classic Montessori lessons, an updated and printable clock, and dozens of art and science extensions and ideas to integrate math, science, art, and language and into the traditional study of the Clock of Eras.

The classic representation of the earth’s development compared to the passage of time on a clock! It's a stunning visual that correlates to the conditions on the planet in each of the Eras: black for the dark Hadean time, blue for the Paleozoic when life was in the water, and so on.

Students need increasingly challenging scientific and artistic experiences to merge their hands and their hearts as they construct understanding of this vast and magnificent history.

Using the backdrop of the forces of nature, this curriculum provides not only experiences in art and science, but also a system of taking observations and measurements, using the data to draw conclusions. The art activities that merge with the science give children a way to bring their hearts and creative spirits into the experience.

Here’s what you’ll receive in the Clock of Eras: Creative Connections to Science and Art

  • A revised and up-to-date Clock of Eras based on the International Stratigraphic Society

  • Investigations into the natural forces of chemistry, physics, biology and creative arts as they relate to the changes that occurred on earth as it developed.

  • All the charts, lab sheets and support materials to bring meaning to the concepts.

  • Photographs and illustrations to connect to the real world.

Every activity is designed with independent student learning in mind, but you’ll want to learn right along with them…why should they have all the fun!

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