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Childrens' Books on Geologic Periods Paleontology For Kids Set 2 Life Evolving Through Time

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"This set of Childrens' Books on Geologic Periods includes one book for each of the 13 periods of geologic time.The set includes one book on the Precambrian time and continues with the geologic periods beginning with the Cambrian Period. Based on more recent terminology, the set include one book on the Paleogene, one on the Neogene and one on the Quaternary Periods. The information is updated to reflect current names, time periods, and thinking about the developments of our planet. Each book is beautifully illustrated with line drawings that have inspired young artists to do their own renderings. All the books follow a similar format, including information about time, geologic structure of the continents, animal and plant evolution and end events. Designed for ages 8 through 12, but can be used effectively for focused research by middle school students.

This is an all new 3rd edition! The science has been updated. We have improved the layout, added more information, pages, and graphics! The glossary entries are now included on the page where the new word first appears. 

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