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Carcharodontosaurus Teeth

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These Carcharodontosaurus Teeth for sale are from the Cretaceous period and are about 100 million years old. They come from Taouz, Morocco in North Africa.

Carcharodontosaurus could grow to be 45 feet long from nose to the tip of his thick tail. It could weigh up to 8 tons. His head was as tall as an average human male, about 6 feet. Perhaps more brawn than brain, the massive head sported a small brain, smaller than T-Rex, and powerful jaws of giant teeth. The Carcharodontosaurus teeth were ferocious: sharp, serrated edges and up to 8 inches long!

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Carcharodontosaurus grew to be about 45 feet long. It could weigh up to 8 tons. The  head of this beast was about 6 feet tall. Perhaps more brawn than brain, the massive head sported a small brain. Carcharodontosaurus had a body type similar to T-Rex, but it was not directly related to the Tyranosaurids. It was a much older theopod, more closely related to the allosaurus


Carcharodontosaurus Fact File
Species Name Carcharodontosaurus
Time period Cretaceous Period
Millions of Years Ago 95 mya
Length 45 Feet

The Carcharodontosaurus Timeline

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