Megalodon vs Mosasaurus

Two of the mightiest apex predators to ever grace this planet were the mighty Megalodon shark and the monstrous Mosasaurus dinosaur, each as ominous and dangerous as the other in its own unique way.

These two predators are often compared to one another, with many people curious about which of the two would win in head-to-head combat. 

In this piece we take a closer look at each marine predator, pitting the two against each other in a hypothetical battle royale for the ages.

Mosasaurus Hoffmanni vs. Carcharocles Megalodon

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At times we’ve all wondered about certain implausible but fun matchups. From comic book heroes pitted against each other, to dinosaurs battling it out on the silver screen (we’re looking at you Jurassic Park!). 

In this article we pose the question: who would win in a fight, the Mosasaurus or Megalodon? 

Separated by nearly 50 million years, the two would have never met in real life. But that doesn’t quite satisfy our curiosity.

Each was a ocean-dwelling beast, ferocious and capable in its own right. As far as apex marine predators go, you can’t get better than the Mosasaurus and Megalodon.

Size of the Dog in the Fight 

Remember that big bully in grade school? Turns out, size really does matter. From boxing to UFC fighters, weight classes can make all the difference in a fight. Same in nature. Bigger predators often pack a major punch, but this power often comes at a disadvantage in the speed and stamina category. After all, it takes a lot of energy to move all that mass around quickly.

Megalodon and Mosasaurus Size Comparison


Tips the scale at between 50-70 tons, and measures in at a length of between 60-70ft. Lean more about the size of Megalodon.


Weighs in at nearly 15 tons and measures between 49-59ft long.

Which Has the Edge?

If pinned down or cornered, the Mosasaurus is in for a bad time, with the Megalodon eclipsing it in both length and weight. However, the Mosasaurus may have an advantage in open water where agility, speed, and endurance are a factor.

Offensive Weapons: Teeth, Jaws, and Claws Oh My!

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The best defense is sometimes a strong offense. Let’s take a look at what kinds of weapons each apex predator brings to the fight.


The Megalodon Shark’s mouth is thought to have spanned between 9-10ft wide, lined with 270+ serrated teeth evolutionarily engineered to tear through flesh. Add to that the Megalodon’s bite force of around 40,000 lbs of pressure per square inch and you have a force to be reckoned with. (If you are interested, you can buy real Megalodon Teeth from out store.)


In comparison, the Mosasaurus had a bite force of around 13,000-16,000 lbs of pressure per square inch. Its tapered jaw measured around 4ft in length and could reach opening widths of around 3ft. Adding to its offensive line-up are a line of 40-50 teeth measuring some 25-30mm in length. The Mosasaurus is also thought to have had short arms with perhaps a paddle-like structure, and claws that could help to even the odds in this fight.

Which Has the Edge?

The Megalodon has an edge on bite force and perhaps a better grip with its serrated teeth, where the party stops for the Megalodon. As a shark, it has no arms, claws, or other means of offense apart from a sprint and nose bump or tail thrashing. On the other hand, Mosasaurus has large teeth that could potentially cause more brute force damage despite the lesser bite force, causing large gaping wounds for any creature that finds itself in its grip. Further, its arms and claws may help serve as both offensive and defensive weapons, helping it maneuver and attack. 

Agility and Speed of Mosasaurus vs Megalodon

There’s a major advantage to being first to act, as well as the ability to quickly par an attack or initiate one before the other opponent can react.


Researchers believe that its body anatomy and muscular structure are ideal for reaching speeds of 11mph. Although admirable, it is by no means the Michael Phelps of the Ocean. 


By contrast, the Mosasaurus is thought to have achieved swim speeds of up to 30mph.

Which Has the Edge?

For the Megalodon, lack of arms/legs, moderate fins, and its massive size make it a formidable foe, but one that may tire easily, is slow, and unable to make agile, rapid moves. 

In the other corner, we have the Mosasaurus, a speed demon of the deep that isn’t just lightning-fast, but agile, using arms with fins to make precision movements that could easily outpace those of the Megalodon, giving it a ‘strike first’ advantage in a skirmish.

Killer Instinct 

Sometimes it’s not about who is bigger, stronger, and faster, but which opponent has the heart, will, and experience to get it done.


The Megalodon only knows one thing, it is the baddest apex predator of its time. It is the bully of the ocean with no notable adversaries to test its meld. 


Despite being an apex predator, the Mosasaurus had to learn defensive maneuvers and tactics to avoid conflict, facing several potential foes during its lifespan.

Which Has the Edge?

The Megalodon only has one mode: KILL. Here its takes the advantage as the likely aggressor in a battle between these two monsters. However, if the Megalodon is at first unsuccessful, it may become confused, agitated, or even for the first time in its life experience fear for survival.

The Mosasaurus, given its size, wouldn’t dare initiate a fight with something as big as the Megalodon. But when forced into a corner, the Mosasaurus likely has had years of learning how to maneuver, defend and even evade to safety.

Megalodon vs Mosasaurus: A Battle for Prehistoric Ages

Fortunately, or unfortunately, we will never know for certain which beast of the deep would win outright. Although fun to think about, neither creature lived during a time when the other was alive. Perhaps this one is best left to the imagination anyway.

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