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Native Elements: A Short Overview

A native element is an element that occurs in pure or nearly pure form as a natural mineral. Because atmospheric gases are capable of mixing, turning them from a native element into a combination of two or more elements, they are excluded from the definition. As such, native elements can also interchangeably be referred to […]

San Andreas, Where Are You?

In Search of the San Andreas Fault I spent a week in LA in 1978. With every real or imagined rumble, I was certain my life was about to come to a devastating end at the hands of “The Big One.”  Since then, having travelled all around the western US to get up close and […]

Taking a Rock Walk

In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.         ~John Muir~ What a simple activity is taking a walk. Watching our toddlers walk around the building, taking in whatever the moment had to offer: birds, helicopters, flowers, sirens, and rocks, never failed to bring my heart joy!   There’s always […]

Baculite Mesa

Baculite Mesa near Pueblo, Colorado is just the place for easy finding of the remains of ancient sea life. The fossil-loaded location was easy to find, easy to get to, and, most importantly, easy for picking up lots of baculites. Being novice rock-hounders, a spot where the fossils reveal themselves with little effort inspires us […]