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London Overload

Not knowing the real name of this place, it will be forever known as Shakespeare Park to us.

We knew we were country folk, but stepping off the plane into London Gatwick reaffirmed this in a giant way. After more than 90 mnutes of standing in a sea of humans, we were tense and irritable, only to be shoved onto an already too-full train to get into the city. It felt like breathing again to take a break in a tiny park opposite our lunch spot, The Shakespeare, where we enjoyued traditional Fish & Chips and Meat Pie.

Shakespeare's Garden...saved us from city overwhelm!

Shakespeare’s Garden…saved us from city overwhelm!

After checking into our Airbnb and filled with tradtiional English fare, we ventured out to see the nearby sights of Parliament and Big Ben.

Big Ben

Big Ben

We crossed the Westminster Bridge, the site of much sadness only two weeks before, and found every pillar blanketed with flowers and messages of love. Clearly the work of a few is having a huge impact on the many from all over the world. The groups of people stopping to view these expressions were of all nationalities with hundreds of languages exclaiming over the sentiments.20170403_124739

Leaping Into Vacation (March 31-April 2)

What a shock to the senses it was arriving in Iceland! Cold. Damp. Rugged terrain. Jagged volcanic mountains jutting up from the sea. Miles of rolling green hills. Lava fields flowing to the sea. Gushing water shooting vapor into the air. Boiling, bubbling pools filling the air with sulphurous mist. Monstrous glacial waterfalls. Frozen lakes, still covered with snow. Little did we know that beginning our vacation in Iceland would provide us with the separation and allowance to step out of our normal reality. It was a perfect beginning!



Pentagon_basalt20170330_193037 A perfectly-shaped volcanic basalt column