Monthly Archives: March 2017

Fossil-Hunting in Morocco

Hello Friends and Fossil-lovers!

It seems like the California move that happened in 2014, not only put this blog on hold, but put it completely out of my memory. Thanks to a recent revelation and an upcoming fossil excursion, it’s time to resurrect it.

For those of you who are new to fossilicious…WELCOME! and a brief introduction: we, Doug and Claudia Mann, started fossilicious in 2005. It was an opportunity to share our Montessori cosmic education excitement with a broader community of Montessori teachers. 10 years, 3 websites, and lots of Montessori study materials later, we are finally making our first pilgrimage to the home-sites of many of our collection fossils in the Atlas mountains near Erfoud, Morocco. Along the way, we’ll visit other geolgoically interesting sites to gain a more intimate experience with our home planet’s mysteries and fascinations.

We hope you’ll enjoy whatever is to come along this journey that will include stops in Iceland, the UK, Spain, and just a brief moment in France. Some of what we plan to share will be aimed at the young students where Claudia works: LePort Montessori in Encinitas, CA. ┬áThe children have a map to follow along at home.

We also welcome your comments (and suggestions of good sites if you have them) as we share the fun.