Largest Shark Tooth Ever Discovered

How Big Was the Largest Shark Tooth Ever Discovered?

Sharks are often feared for their sharp teeth, but did you know that these predators actually shed their teeth constantly? In fact, some species of sharks can shed up to 35,000 teeth in their lifetime. This is because sharks have a constant supply of new teeth that grow in to replace those that fall out. […]

Best Places for Finding Sharks Teeth

10 Best Places to Find Sharks Teeth

 Shark teeth, with their razor-sharp edges and awe-inspiring size, are coveted treasures that lure fossil fanatics and rock enthusiasts alike. The allure of these ancient relics lies not only in their exquisite beauty but also in their staggering market value.  While one may stumble upon shark teeth on most shores, the thrill of uncovering a […]

Native Elements: A Short Overview

A native element is an element that occurs in pure or nearly pure form as a natural mineral. Because atmospheric gases are capable of mixing, turning them from a native element into a combination of two or more elements, they are excluded from the definition. As such, native elements can also interchangeably be referred to […]

Megalodon vs Mosasaurus

Two of the mightiest apex predators to ever grace this planet were the mighty Megalodon shark and the monstrous Mosasaurus dinosaur, each as ominous and dangerous as the other in its own unique way. These two predators are often compared to one another, with many people curious about which of the two would win in […]

Meg vs Blue Whale

Megalodon vs Blue Whale: Who Would Win?

When it comes to ocean-bound apex predators, two of the most impressive to date are the mighty Megalodon and the massive Blue Whale.  Although both are separated by around 3.4 million years (the time when Megalodon is thought to have gone extinct), more curious minds wonder what a matchup between the two would look like. […]

Megalodon shadow under water

Megalodon Size: How Big Was Megalodon?

Discover the Truth About One of Earth’s Largest Apex Predators  The mighty Megalodon Shark is the stuff nightmares are made of. As one of the biggest ocean-dwelling predators to ever inhabit the earth, the Megalodon inspires fear, awe, and imagination. It also brings up questions about just how big this shark was, and whether or […]

Is There a Living Trilobite? A Look at Some Modern Imposters

First appearing in the early Cambrian Period (some 542 million years ago), the now-extinct Trilobite is one of the earliest-known arthropods. The name, meaning ‘three lobes’, is aptly descriptive of the marine animal’s distinctive 3-lobed, 3-segmented body type. Does a Living Trilobite Exist Today? Science tells us that Trilobites made their last appearance around 251 […]

Elrathia Kingii

10 Trilobite Facts for The Fossil Lover in All of Us

Across the vastness of our ocean floors, Trilobites, recognized by their distinctive 3-lobed, 3-segmented form, roamed for nearly 300 million years. These ancient marine animals made their debut on earth around the beginning of the Cambrian Period (some 542 million years ago). During that time they dominated the seas, surviving and thriving beneath the waves. […]

Great Ways for Kids to Learn Through Exploration

  In the classroom, your little one practices learning through reading, listening, and following directions. These are extremely useful tools, but they only represent one way to learn. It’s important that kids are also given the chance to learn in other ways. For example, exploratory learning is one of the most effective ways for kids […]


A Few of my Favorite Natural History Museums

At the top of my list is the French National Museum’s Gallery of Paleontology or ( galerie de Paléontologie et d’Anatomie comparée)     This is the first museum I’ve ever explored where I got tired from looking before I was finished looking! There were so many fossils it would take pages to list them all. The museum […]