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Basilosaurus Tooth For Sale

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BasilosaurusThese Fossil Basilosaurus teeth we have for sale are from Western Sahara (Morocco) and are from the Eocene. They are about 41 to 33 million years old.

Like other mammals this marine mammal had specilized teeth. The teeth in the front of the jaw were single cusp and cone shaped. the cheek teeth were flat, triangular, and multi-cusped. In between were intermediate teeth that gradually made the transition from single cusp to multi-cusp.


Basilosaurus Fact File
Estimates between 47-65 feet
60 tons
North America, Africa
Time Period
Eocene Epoch

Basilosaurus was one of the first whales and the first whale fossils to be discovered. Basilosaurus was big: 15 to 20 meters long, or 49 to 66 feet! They were the apex predator of the Late Eocene Epoch, feeding on large fish and other marine mammals. The dolphin like cetacean dorundon was one of its favorite prey.

Basilosaurus was first discovered in the United States in the early 1800's. It was described in 1834. It was thought to be a reptile. It's name means King Lizard. Eventually we realized that basilosaurus was a mammal. Some even tried to rename it to reflect that understanding but the original name stuck. One of the interesting facts about basilosaurus is that it still had its hind legs! They were tiny and probably not very useful.

strangely enough, this marine mammal is from the order artiodactyl or even toed ungulates. Its ancestors were related to large grazing mammals like bison, giraffes, and elk. For some reason they returned to the sea and adapted to marine life.

The Basilosaurus Timeline

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