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Mineral Rocks and Affordable Fossils for Sale

At Fossilicious we're dedicated to providing high quality, affordable fossils, rocks and minerals, and educational fossil materials for students of all ages.

Delivering fossils for sale, rocks and minerals for sale, and children's book and fossil sets, we are a great source for educational material to investigate paleontology, earth's history and earth science. Our products make excellent gifts for anyone interested in Big History, deep time and STEM inspiration.

We started Fossilicious because we saw that kids devoured information about ancient earth and it’s creatures: dinosaurs, trilobites and everything in between. Real educational fossil materials, rocks and minerals, sold individually and in collections, inspire a lifetime of loving and learning about our home planet Earth. Our books and educational materials guide you through the ancient story of Earth from its explosive beginning to modern challenges.

We believe that loving and learning the mysteries of the Earth will lead future generations to be stewards of its care.

Our mission to educate about Earth’s history is not just about our fossils and rocks for sale. We also include teaching about and practicing ways to sustain its health. We use environmentally conscious practices: recycling, reusing, reducing and donating 5% of our profits to companies who join us in sustainable action. Discovery, Wonder, and Inspiration guide every decision we make in creating our dynamic learning materials for young (and not so young) minds!

Largest Shark Tooth Ever Discovered
Sharks are often feared for their sharp teeth, but did you know that these predators actually shed their teeth constantly? In fact, some species of sharks can shed up to 35,000 teeth in their lifetime. This is because sharks have a constant supply of new teeth that grow in to replace those that fall out. […]
Best Places for Finding Sharks Teeth
 Shark teeth, with their razor-sharp edges and awe-inspiring size, are coveted treasures that lure fossil fanatics and rock enthusiasts alike. The allure of these ancient relics lies not only in their exquisite beauty but also in their staggering market value.  While one may stumble upon shark teeth on most shores, the thrill of uncovering a […]
A native element is an element that occurs in pure or nearly pure form as a natural mineral. Because atmospheric gases are capable of mixing, turning them from a native element into a combination of two or more elements, they are excluded from the definition. As such, native elements can also interchangeably be referred to […]
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