Trilobite, Enrolled Phacops 1/2 inches in diameter

"These Phacops trilobites are rolled up in a ball. this is believed to be a defensive position. They are about 1/2 inch in diameter. and very cute. From Morocco.

One customers said: I also really like the enrolled trilobite specimen, thanks for picking out such a nice one! Though, I should say my mother found it all together too adorable, and it now resides in her possession. I'm glad you offer a VIP service, I probably should have signed up a long while back, but it's not like your prices haven't been absolutely terrific, and I am pleased to do business with you considering your bargain specimens and reliable service. I certainly look forward to further transactions with you."

Price: $5.95
Trilobite, Enrolled Phacops 1/2 inches in diameter
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